Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 15 Type Asphalt Emulsifier, Road Paving Asphalt Line, we are offering several types of asphalt emulsion machines Adopting McDonald technology, the asphalt rubber blending plant is used to produce rubber asphalt.

Perfect Engineers is established in the year 2009 with the motive to provide quality Road Construction Machinery. Over a decade of experience & expertise makes us stronger in this field. We have supplied so many projects in India & across the globe. Our product range includes Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, Bitumen Sprayer, Hydraulic /Mechanical Broomer.

Tack Coat How Tack Coat Improves Your Asphalt Paving Inexpensive tack coat can significantly improve the bond between pavement layers, improving pavement strength, reducing surface-course sliding and reducing top-down cracking Application of tack coat to an existing pavement surface is so simple and inexpensive that its real importance is often overlooked.

ATM Bitumen Sprayers Our ATM Model of Bitumen pressure distributors, gives uniform, unbroken and prescribed quantity of hot bitumen or emulsion. These units can be supplied as a module to suit mounting on customer's truck chassis or can be supplied completely along with standard truck chassis.

Distribute Bitumen for road construction. Asphalt emulsions were created in the early 1900s mainly for dust control and other spray applications Today they are used for a wide variety of road construction and pavement preservation projects Tack Coats A tack or bond coat is a spray application of asphalt emulsion that provides a bond between the existing pavement and a new overlay.

We provide variety of bitumen sprayer with different asphalt tank volume and spray width. They all adopt world-renowned brand components and own proprietary technology, The practice has proven that the machine has steady and reliable performance. The main functions of intelligent asphalt spreading equipment…

Spray What? Our distributor tanks are engineered for the safe hauling, storing and spraying of asphalt emulsions, bitumen, tack coat and oil based materials such as soy dust suppressant for use on roadways, parking lots and driveways and for stabilization work. What's Included? STRATOS comes standard with a 50' 1/2" hose and spray wand.

SMB type sprayer is our company's offer in the segment of machines for spraying with the use of bitumen emulsions. DESCRIPTION This high-tech, fully automated, computer controlled, SMB sprayer, has been designed on base of our many years experience in production of the sprayers …

We bring forth a wide collection of machines including Bitumen Sprayer, Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer, Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer, Asphalt Drum Mix Plants, Wet Mix Plants, Asphalt Paver Finisher and many more. We make sure that these machines are engineered with perfection as we consider ourselves responsible for the construction of buildings and roads in the country.

Bitumen Sprayers Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include ubs-3000 bitumen sprayer, usb-3000 trolley mounted bitumen sprayer, ubs-2500 trolley mounted bitumen sprayer and ubs-2500 emulsion bitumen sprayer.

Advanced Colloid Mill New Road Construction Modified Emulsion Bitumen Plant With White Color. Description. The main function is that the melted asphalt go through the emulsifier and the mechanical action to form an emulsion asphalt, it could be uniformly dispersed in an aqueous solution containing an appropriate amount of emulsifier. Features. 1.

The bitumen emulsion plant produced by our company has one oil main frame, one hot water tank, two emulsified liquid mixing tanks, one bitumen tank, one emulsified bitumen tank (for transitional use), one adjustable speed bitumen pump, one adjustable speed emulsion pump, one mill, one emulsified bitumen delivery pump and one electrical control room.

A high viscosity cationic spray grade bitumen emulsion modified with 3% or 5% net SBR latex. Mainly used in cold/wet climates for resealing roads with surface cracks without pre-treatment. Download product data Rubspray 70/3

The Kesar Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer cum Road Dust Cleaner is developed for Tack - Coat from Manually Hand Spraying Arrangement up to 5 MTR for Hot Bitumen & Cold Emulsion. Air Gun Pipe up to 10 MTR for Road Dust Cleaning Purpose. The unit can be …

SprayPave is a manufacturer, supplier and applicator of bituminous. binders, emulsions, primes and pre-coats to the Southern African road. construction industry. SprayPave also owns technology unique to the. African continent in the form of a multistage bitumen converter that. changes bituminous refinery feedstocks into superior quality bitumen.

Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06 Type With a capacity of 10-40 tons/h, the asphalt rubber blending system is specialized equipment for producing rubber asphalt. The horizontal reaction kettle is equipped with a spiral mixer to effectively prevent the separation of rubber and asphalt.Batching system is composed of hopper, beater, mixer and ...

Our Bitumen Emulsion sprayers are appropriate for any type of anionic and cationic cold emulsions counting road primers. We have many years of knowledge in the marketplace and we have been able to produce and export eventual superiority equipment like Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer. This machine is completed awake of most excellent quality parts to ...

Our Road Construction Machines includes: Asphalt Paver Finisher Machine, Road Broomer Machine, Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers, Bitumen Pressure Distributors, Thermoplastic Pre-Heater, Thermoplastic, Road Marking Machine, Mobile Drum Mix Plant and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant. All these products are manufactured using best quality substance procured from ...


... Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 15 Type. Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Plant 06 Type. Bitumen Emulsion Plant 10 Type. ..H. Road Maintenance Equipment . ...

The word itself suggests spraying the bitumen. The machine has unique functionality & able to spray the bitumen in a uniform way, No part of the road sprayed is over or under. The features of the machine are as under . We are providing fully insulated tank in attachment with bitumen sprayer which are capable of high performing oil heating

Product Description. Having a definite quality management system, we are engaged in providing high quality Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers, that is used for uniformly spraying of hot bitumen on the road before the hot mix asphalt is laid. It act as binding agent between the road surface and material and help to gel with the surface quickly.

A fog seal gets its name from its spray application, sometimes referred to as "fogging."Asphalt emulsions used in fog seal applications contain globules of paving asphalt, water, an "emulsifying agent" or surfactant, and sometimes a "rejuvenator." Soap is a common form of a surfactant.

2 hot bitumen emulsion at a temperature between 158 to 176 °f (70 to 80 °c) is applied by the spray paver. 3 Paving of a binder or surface course. The bitumen emulsion "breaks" immediately as the hot asphalt causes the water to evaporate, leaving a firmly adhering film of bitumen.

Tractor linked tyre mounted Bitumen-Emulsion Sprayer with Compressor for road dust cleaning is developed for tack / prime coat by hand spraying arrangement and intermittent spraying application with road dust cleaning also. This equipment is capable of applying uniform coating of Hot Bitumen & Emulsion on specified surface.

1 Asphalt Paver supplied by Ghana Asphalt Paver Manufacturers & Companies Bitumen For Sale WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF BITUMEN: Bitumen emulsion,Asphalt,Modified bitumen,Fluxed bitumen,Cut-back bitumen,Oxidized bitu...

The spraying width ranging from 2.4 m to 4.2. Bitumen Sprayer distributor is manufactured by Aaspa Equipment meets the latest technology standards and site requirement. The equipment usually comes with the tank for storage of bitumen and a spraying system for uniformly spraying of bitumen on the road. Bitumen sprayers pressure is deliver high ...

Our fleet includes asphalt paving machines ranging from ashphalt pavers, road rollers, skid-steer loaders, patching trucks, tack coat spray trucks, and also a material transfer vehicle. Our team is fully licensed and insured and up-to-date with latest WH&S practices, regulations, legislation and training.

Strassmayr Emulsion Sprayer Range This is just one product in the STRASSMAYR Emulsion Sprayer and associated products range, download the full catalogue from link on this page. The STRASSMAYR A 500 has been designed to solve all aspects of emulsion spraying on small surfaces, securing best technological conditions.

Recycling Emulsion System with exhaust heated pump. Carriage with Four Pneumatic Tyres. Capable of Spraying Emulsions From K140 to K170. Part Number SP112. Download Emulsion Sprayer HB Spec Sheet. Call For Quote. Optional 1.8 metre spray bar available to fit all models - Contact Office for Details.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bitumen Sprayer pressure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Bitumen sprayers pressure is provided in the form of a truck mounted self-propelled along with the appropriate heating system and variable spray bar. A cleaning mechanism is also provided that can help in cleaning the pipe line of the equipment at the end of each day.

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer BS-200 by TICAB TM is an optimal equipment for small patching repairs, as well as for road works in a limited space (yards, alleys) and for sealing areas and cracks. SPECIFICATIONS: - Productivity - 400 m² per 1 hour. - Consumption of bitumen emulsion - 200 l/h. - Hand Spraying Rod - 4 m.

This range of equipment is available with standard accessories like pressure cleaning system, pump for bitumen based emulsion and four trolley wheels etc. Spray volume of this machine depends on asphalt rotation speed and vehicle speed.

Gaoyuan offers a wide array of road machinery, including road maintenance equipment, and bitumen and asphalt production equipment. We first began manufacturing road maintenance equipment in 2004, and have consistently developed our products, ensuring the road machinery meets complete road construction and maintenance needs.

An asphalt emulsion is a combination of asphalt binder (asphalt cement), water, and a very small amount of emulsifying agent (normally less than 1 percent). Typical asphalt emulsions consist of 55 to 70 percent asphalt binder, depending on the grade of the emulsion. Most grades of asphalt emulsion used for tack coat applications contain ...

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