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Ans. :-0.945 Kgs steel quantity are required per sq ft 5 inch thick rcc slab. 3) Steel required for 1 sq ft slab 6 inch:- area of RCC slab is equal to 1 square feet and thickness of RCC slab 6 inch,then volume of concrete it is calculated by multiplying area and thickness of slab.

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Answer (1 of 4): There are many factors that determine the amount of steel reinforcement that you may want in a concrete slab that is 10ft x 10ft. Those are the dimensions of your reinforced concrete slab, right? You really did not mean a 5 ft x 20 ft slab, right? 100 square feet comes in many di...

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Home Plans between 1200 and 1300 Square Feet . A home between 1200 and 1300 square feet may not seem to offer a lot of space, but for many people it's exactly the space they need and can offer a lot of benefits. Benefits of These Homes. This size home usually allows for two to three bedrooms, or a few bedrooms and an office or playroom. The ...

6.5 1 bag = 28 Sq. Ft. Modular Brick 6.5 1 bag = 24 Sq. Ft. Brick Number of Brick Per Sq. Ft. (including waste) King Size 5.5 Bricks per Sq. Ft. (including waste) Modular 7.5 Bricks per Sq. Ft. (including waste) Builders and Chopped Stone 35 – 40 Sq. Ft. per Ton 1.7-2 bags of cement per ton 1 Yard per 1000 Brick 3/4 Yard per ton of Stone

The weight of concrete is calculated based on the length, width and thickness of the slab. Remember: A cubic foot or yard of concrete weighs less once it's broken up due to the empty spaces between the pieces. Concrete Weight per Cubic Foot • A solid slab of concrete weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot.

The approximate Steel consumption per sq.ft built up area (BUA) is 4 kg per sqft (for low rise construction i.e., less than 4 floors of construction). Steel contributes the most among all individual materials, about 25% of total material cost. So, a price rise of Rs.5 per kg can make big difference in the total cost of construction.

Steel required for 800 square feet house:- using Thumb Rule, generally approx 2800 – 3200 kg or 2.8 – 3.2 MT of Steel are required for 800 square feet residential house, if it is for commercial building, then it will require about 4000 – 4400 kg or 4.0 – 4.4 MT of steel. Steel required for 1200 square feet house:- using Thumb Rule ...

Enter the length. (feet + inches) Enter the width. (feet + inches) Enter the grid spacing. (inches) Enter the required splice (overlap) of your bars. (inches) Enter a waste factor, if required. (percentage) The Results. Amount of rebar needed in lineal feet. the amount the waste factor will add in lineal feet. lineal feet …

Sq Ft Building Cost Estimates. Steel buildings cost anywhere from $12-$25 per sq ft for the building kit components. Prices vary depending upon building location, building specifications, and optional upgrades. Square foot prices reduce as the overall building size increases (see table below). Another factor that will keep the price down is if ...

Concrete has inherent compressive strength -- resistance to forces pushing on it. Concrete mixes are designed to a specified compressive strength, expressed as pounds per square inch (psi). Concrete for works, such as driveways or floors, is typically in the range of 1,800 psi to 4,000 psi for compressive strength.

Site Size: 30x50 site house construction cost (Ground + 1, 3 BHK) upto 2125 Sq.ft built up area.

thumb rule for steel in rcc slab is 80 kg/cubic meter of wet volume of concrete. Steel = 21.238 × 80 = 1699 Kg. 1699 Kg of Steel required in rcc roof slab of 1500 square feet of house. Now Total weight of Steel required for 1500 square feet house. Footing = 259 kg. Column = 1555 kg. Plinth beam = 972 kg. Door beam = 290 kg. Roof beam = 385 kg ...

Calculate square footage, square meters, square yardage and acres for home or construction project. Calculate square feet, meters, yards and acres for flooring, carpet, or tiling projects. Enter measurements in US or metric units. How to calculate square footage for rectangular, round and bordered areas. Calculate project cost based on price per square foot, square yard or square meter.

The weight of drywall, sheetrock and plaster can be calculated using the square footage of debris and the thickness of the material. A single sheet of 4 foot by 8 foot, ½-inch thick drywall weighs close to 50 pounds. Use our drywall weight calculator below to estimate the weight of your drywall and determine the right size dumpster for your job.

Know how much does it cost to build a duplex house in 30 x 40 site. And also learn how many bags of cement, tmt steel, bricks/ blocks and jelly stones is required to build to home in 1200 square feet.

== == A square foot is a (two dimensional) measure of area, while a ton is a measure of weight. The two do not equate. On the other hand, a ton of a specific substance could have a specific (three dimensional) volume. For instance, if a one cubic foot concrete block weighed 100 pounds, 20 concrete blocks would equal a (US) ton.

Materials Required QTY Unit Premium Standard; TMT Steel: 10.78: Tonnes ₹5,06,660 ₹4,66,774: Cement: 1480: Bags ₹5,37,240 ₹5,04,680: Plastering M Sand: 204: Tonnes

This is needed to determine both the lengths of the rebar and how many rows and columns are needed. Subtract the clearance from the length and width to find the dimensions of the grid. For example, if the slab is 10′ x 10′ and the clearance is 3″, the size of the rebar grid will be 9′ 6″ x 9′ 6″. Step Three: Estimate the Rows and ...

Answer (1 of 7): I know for slab only 80 kg per 100 sqft for 1000sqft 8 quintal tmt bars required.

Answer (1 of 10): *Assumptions: 1. Load bearing brick wall thickness of 23cm (9 inches) in cement mortar 1:6 2. Plaster in cement mortar 1:4 You will need the following quantities to complete the construction of wall: 326 bags of Cement (50 Kg each) 1170 CFT Sand 180 CFT Stone Aggregates ...

Instant free online tool for cubic foot to ton register conversion or vice versa. The cubic foot [ft^3] to ton register [ton reg] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert cubic foot or ton register to other volume units or learn more about volume conversions.

The procedure of converting square inches to square feet or from acres to sq ft is the same as converting from square meters to square feet. In the following examples, you will find the most common of these conversions: how many square feet are in an acre. 1 acre * 43 560 sq ft/acre = 43 560 sq ft. 30 sq in * 0.00694 sq ft/sqin = 0.208333 sq ft.

For 1400 sft area slab 1;2;4 ratio with out beam taking 4.5'' thickness the material is. cement= 90 bags, Bazri= 500cft, coarse sand= 300 cft, Ms steel bars= 1500 kg. Fri Jul 03, 2020.

Answer (1 of 2): There are many variables to the cost of an rcc slab with design being the primary variable. The cost component is heavily dependent on the amount of steel used. Hence, one way slabs are cheaper than two way slabs of the same thickness. However, a rough estimate of a 150mm slab is...

Volume Weight (pounds) Weight (tons) Trash2 Residential waste (uncompacted at curb) 1 cubic yard 150 – 300 .075 – .15 Commercial-industrial waste (uncompacted) 1 cubic yard 300 – 600 .15 – .30 Mixed Waste1 1 cubic yard 350 .175 Asphalt3 1 square yard 1 inch thick 110 - 115 0.055 – 0.057

Concrete Slabs Calculator. Input length, width and depth of the area. Click the button to calculate the volume of concrete and man-hours (not including mixing) needed for this job. This calculator is to be used as an estimating tool only. Shop Concrete Mix.

Any domestic dwelling that is less than 500 square feet is considered a tiny home. Most weights for tiny homes are around 8,000 to 12,000 pounds (3,628 to 5,443 kg). But you would also need to add in the weight of contents. In many cases, that will be an …

Item. Unit. Expected Production Range (1) Concrete Masonry, Bridges (Foundation Substructure) CY/DAY. 15 - 32, 19 typ. Parapet LF/DAY; 49 - 130, 60 typ.

A metal building costs on average $10 – $25 per square foot, but can range from as low as $6 to as high as $120 depending on options. The main things that affect per square foot costs are: steel market prices, location, snow and wind conditions, building complexity and construction costs.

Demolishing a 2,000 sq. ft. house with a slab foundation will produce roughly 270 cubic yards of debris! First, let's calculate how many cubic yards of C&D (construction and demolition) debris the home will have from materials like wood, siding, roofing, lathe or drywall, and other miscellaneous components making up the home.

Square footage is a measurement of an area expressed in square feet (unit of measurement). An area is is the size of two dimensional surface. The area of a square is the space contained within a set of lines. These lines should be measured in feet (ft) for square footage calculations and if needed, converted to inches (in), yards (yd), centimetres (cm), millimetres (mm) and metres (m).

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