Stealth technology, also termed low observable technology (LO technology), is a sub-discipline of military tactics and passive and active electronic countermeasures, which covers a range of methods used to make personnel, aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles, satellites, and ground vehicles less visible (ideally invisible) to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods.

He groped along as stealthily, with as cautious a tread, and as wary an outlook, as a thief entering a chamber where a man lies only half asleep,—or, it may be, broad awake,—with purpose to steal the very treasure which this man guards as the apple of his eye.

Stealth Taxes: A type of levy that governments use to increase their revenues without raising the ire of taxpayers. Compared to income taxes and …

Meaning and definitions of stealthy, translation of stealthy in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of stealthy in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry "stealthy" What stealthy means in Hindi, stealthy meaning in Hindi, stealthy definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of stealthy in Hindi.

Find 78 ways to say STEALTHILY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Definition of stealthing in the Idioms Dictionary. stealthing phrase. What does stealthing expression mean? ... an ability to create Stealthed credit card transactions where it is split into invisible pieces while in motion along with RF Stealthing technology. Stealth Grid is Developing and Delivering a Suite of Tools to Make Consumers Digital ...

Definition of stealthy adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

Definition of crept in the Idioms Dictionary. crept phrase. What does crept expression mean? ... To move slowly, and often stealthily, across a particular area or surface. ... The robber crept along the walkway and then opened a window to get into the house. When I saw the bee creeping along the windowsill, I bolted out of the room. ...

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What does stalk mean? Stalk is defined as a plant's main stem. (noun) An example of stalk is the stem on which corn grows.

The word bordered means to form an edge besides or along something. For instance you can have a home that is bordered by trees. Can you use the word stealthily in a sentence?

Cross the street with large crowds of people. Avoid gravel, metal grates, and wooden boardwalks, which tend to be loud. Avoid areas where your footsteps might produce an echo, like tunnels and underpasses. If you're indoors, weave through large items of furniture. Stay out of rooms that have a …

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stealthily définition, signification, ce qu'est stealthily: 1. quietly and carefully in order not to be seen or heard: 2. secretly, so that people do not…. En savoir plus.

Definition of Stealthily. 1. adv. In a stealthy manner. Definition of Stealthily. 1. Adverb. In a stealthy manner, furtively. ¹. ¹ Source: ...

choose the meaning of the word stealthily in the sentence. The spies moved stealthily among the colonists, trying to gather information for the British leaders. A openly. B noisily. C swiftly. D sneakily. is it c or d?

Owing to the nature of promotions, along with marketing items, it is widely considered as a guerrilla or undercover marketing. Marketers can carry out stealth marketing strategies to help grab people's attention in a large quantity and impact them to develop an interest in commodities. Sales, in this situation, are not a priority.

A stealth game is a type of video game in which the player primarily uses stealth to avoid or overcome opponents. Games in the genre typically allow the player to remain undetected by hiding, sneaking, or using disguises. Some games allow the player to choose between a stealthy approach or directly attacking antagonists, but rewarding the player for greater use of stealth.

stealthily: 1 adv in a stealthy manner " stealthily they advanced upstream"

A Guide to Air-Purifying Respirators . Air-purifying respirators (APRs) work by removing gases, vapors, aerosols (airborne droplets and solid par-

stalk - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

verb slunk /slʌŋk/. no object, with adverbial of direction. 1 Move smoothly and quietly with gliding steps, in a stealthy or sensuous manner. 'the fox came slinking through the bracken'. More example sentences. 'Nicola nodded and slunk quietly over to the sleeping bags, trying not to attract the attention of whatever Landon had heard.'.

Prowl definition is - to move about or wander stealthily in or as if in search of prey. How to use prowl in a sentence.

b. feels pressure to go along with the initiation. ... What is the literal meaning of stalks? a. the stem or main axis of a plant b. the slender supporting part of anything c. to pursue or approach prey stealthily d. to walk with measured, stiff strides. d. Read the passage. Now some millmen want to cut all the Calaveras trees into lumber and ...

From Mélanie, the French form of the Latin name Melania, derived from Greek μέλαινα meaning "black, dark".This was the name of a Roman saint who gave all her wealth to charity in the 5th century. Her grandmother was also a saint with the same name.

Stealth definition is - a cautious, unobtrusive, and secretive way of moving or proceeding intended to avoid detection. How to use stealth in a sentence.

Find 78 ways to say STEALTHILY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

25 synonyms and near synonyms of stealthily from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 2 antonyms and near antonyms. Find another word for stealthily.

Define stealthy. stealthy synonyms, stealthy pronunciation, stealthy translation, English dictionary definition of stealthy. adj. stealth·i·er, stealth·i·est Marked by or acting with quiet, caution, and secrecy intended to avoid notice.

The SteelSeries Merc Stealth is a gaming keyboard that has a whole section dedicated to gaming keys on the left side. The size of this keyboard is relatively larger than your traditional keyboard and it has a bit of a round design. The dedicated gaming section can be helpful for MOBA and MMORPG players that have to cycle through a ton of skills.

concealing: 1 adj covering or hiding "the concealing darkness" " concealing curtains prevented discovery" Antonyms: revealing showing or making known indicative, indicatory, revelatory, significative, suggestive (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly show more antonyms... n the activity of keeping something secret ...

1 Introduction. Nmap is a free, open-source port scanner available for both UNIX and Windows. It has an optional graphical front-end, NmapFE, and supports a wide variety of scan types, each one with different benefits and drawbacks. This article describes some of these scan types, explaining their relative benefits and just how they actually work.

Stalk: walk stealthily, as in pursuit 38. Step: walk, or place one's foot or feet in a new position 39. Stomp: walk heavily, as if in anger 40. Stride: walk purposefully, with long steps 41. Stroll: see saunter 42. Strut: see parade 43. Stumble: walk clumsily or unsteadily, or trip 44. Stump: see lumber 45. Swagger: walk with aggressive self ...

Stealthily definition, in a way that is secret and quietly careful; furtively or surreptitiously:Three shadowed figures could be seen creeping stealthily from the boathouse.Orange and black stripes flashed through the trees as the tiger stealthily approached some spotted deer. See more.

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