equipment for fire-fighters:: Special protective actions for fire-fighters: Section 6. Accidental release measures Environmental precautions Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures::No action shall be taken involving any personal risk or without suitable training. Keep unnecessary and unprotected personnel from entering.

7.3L Fuel Injector (1999-94) 7.3L Injection High Pressure Oil Pumps. 7.3L High Pressure Oil Pump (2004-99) 7.3L High Pressure Oil Pump (1999-98) 7.3L High Pressure Oil Pump (1998-94) 7.3L High Pressure Oil Pump (1997-94) 6.4 Powerstroke. 6.4L Fuel Injectors.

Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic ≥90 6 Ingredient name % CAS number There are no additional ingredients present which, within the current knowledge of the supplier and in the ... Body protection Personal protective equipment for the body should be selected based on the task being performed and the risks involved ...

Mystik® JT-6® Super Heavy Duty 460 No.2 Grease Section 5. Fire-fighting measures Promptly isolate the scene by removing all persons from the vicinity of the incident if there is a fire.

Mobil Centaur™ XHP 460 Mine Series greases are a premium family of greases formulated with advanced calcium sulfonate thickener technology and 5% molybdenum disulfide. The series is specifically designed for the lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-highway and mining equipment.

Herrero & Sons's PURPLE BLASTER® line of products are the ultimate degreasers. From All-Purpose Degreasing, to Cleaning, to Hand Cleaning, PURPLE BLASTER® will destroy all the tough grease stains! Floors, BBQ Grills, Vehicle Engines, Wheels, Boats, and Heavy Equipment… PURPLE BLASTER® will take care of it.

AirTec Lube-Shuttle® MoS2 is a premium Lithium 12-hydroxystearate grease with a 3% moly additive which makes it the reight choice for heavy wear points such as pins and bushings. The premium moly additive in MoS2 is designed to adhere to metal surfaces and provide an extra level of protection against heavy wear and extreme pressures.

Lithium Grease (Low VOC) Product Use: Cleaner, Lubricant ... Hydrotreated Heavy Naphthenic Distillate 6 <6 Not Hazardous Solvent-refined Heavy Paraffinic Petroleum Distillates 6 <6 Not Hazardous ... Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) ...

Material Safety Data Sheet. Search by Category Search. Search by Division Search Result for "All MSDS" ( 337 Found) BB Genuine Engine Oil 15W-40 Automotive > Diesel Engine Oil ... Gulf Crown MP Grease NLGI 1,2,3 Automotive > Others Applications . Download MSDS. Gulf e-Cool Automotive > Others Applications . Download MSDS.

Vehicle Service & Heavy Equipment Automatic Lubrication Service Garage & Lube Equipment View All Products Industrial, Manufacturing & Processing Chemicals Composite General Fluid Transfer Liquid Finishing Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Lubrication View All Products Mortar Part Feeding ...

A green, tacky, Lithium Complex grease. For high temperature use in heavy equipment and passenger vehicles. NLGI #2. Cen-Pe-Co Moly HD A gray, buttery, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide. Excellent cold weather pumpability. NLGI #2. Cen-Pe-Co Aqua Lube

HI-TEMP is a multi-purpose grease that is fortified with special additives, enabling it to withstand the heavy impact and pounding pressures common to heavy equipment. A special additive allows the grease to stay in place and not to spatter or pound out of the bearing or fitting. It is formulated with special lubricity, anti-wear and extreme ...

Lubricant; Grease Heavy Equipment Grease Manufacturer/Supplier : Phone Number : Emergency Phone : Date of Preparation Finish Line Technologies, Inc. 50 Wireless Blvd Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-666-7300 PROSAR: 1-800-217-5157 CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300 November 7, 2011 2. Hazards identification Emergency overview Physical state : Solid. [grease]

View Landa's SDS/MSDS (safety data sheets) for important information on our chemical properties, and the safe handling and usage of detergents. ... Fleet Machine and Heavy Equipment Degreaser. SDS No. L906971. Safety Data Sheet (pdf) download. Detergent Statement (pdf) ... Industrial Grease and Carbon Remover. SDS No. L906942. Safety Data Sheet ...

universal grease. OKS 400. Viscosity: 0.01 m²/s. Operating temperature: -30 °C - 120 °C. OKS 400 is a multipurpose high-performance grease with MoS₂ for universal use. OKS 400 - MoS₂ Multipurpose High-Performance Grease Areas of application Lubrication ... Compare this …

No. 2 Diesel Fuel 15ppm MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Fleet Supreme EC 15W40 MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Dynalife HT Grease MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Guardol ECT 15W40 MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Megaflow Hydraulic AW MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Megaplex XD3 Grease MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Megaplex XD5 Grease MSDS: DOWNLOAD: MP Gear Lube Oil MSDS: DOWNLOAD: Multiplex Red Grease MSDS: DOWNLOAD: …

Marine Grease. Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent rust and oxidation resistance to provide the highest performance properties.

Buy Traveller Premium Heavy-Duty Lithium Complex NLGI #2 Grease, 14 oz. Cartridge at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service.

Purple Blaster is the ultimate degreaser. From all-purpose degreasing, to cleaning, to hand cleaning, Purple Blaster will destroy all the tough grease stains! Floors, BBQ Grills, Vehicle Engines, Wheels, Boats, and Heavy Equipment… Purple Blaster will take care of it. Click on our video or click below to view all product specs.

28179­HEAVY DUTY RED GREASE Revision Date 20-Mar-2015 Specific hazards arising from the chemical No information available. Explosion Data Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact none. Sensitivity to Static Discharge Yes. Protective Equipment and Precautions for Firefighters

Heavy Equipment General Assessment Information ... • Explain importance of HAZ COM requirement and MSDS ... Identify Lubrication Points and Lubricate a Grease Fitting Inspect for proper personal protective equipment and work attire, perform pre-operational inspection, identi˜cation of the problem, accurately point out 10 points of ...

Introducing Shell Rotella Greases, from the makers of Shell Rotella heavy duty engine oil, a leader in diesel engine oil for more than 40 years. Shell Rotella has developed a comprehensive line of lubricant grease products designed to protect and meet the challenges of your toughest jobs. Shell Rotella Greases cover a wide variety of applications.

Powershift Transmission & Hydraulic Oils for Heavy Equipment Manual Transmission. Download Spek Product File PDF. Download File MSDS. MSDS Translik HD SAE 10W MSDS Translik HD SAE 30 ... MSDS-Grease EPX-NL 1 MSDS-Grease EPX-NL 2 MSDS-Grease SGX-NL MSDS-Grease Super HDX MSDS-Grease X-NL 2 MSDS-Grease X-NL 3. 7. Small Engine Oils.

Super S Hi-Temp Red Grease is recommended for • Heavy duty fleet chassis lubrication, ball joints, and univesal joints • Boat trailers and other marine applications • Ball and roller bearings • Heavy service industrial lubrication • Recommended for wheel bearings both disc and drum • Agricultural equipment super s lubricants ...

Genuine Hygen lubricants by are not merely oils or greases. Our wide range of lubricants has been specifically made to ensure maximum performance and smooth operations, all the while reducing fuel consumption and extending your equipment's lifetime.

The Mobilgrease XHP™ Mine products are specifically designed for the lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-highway and mining equipment. With a complete range of NLGI Grades, this series of lithium complex greases, which contain 5% molybdenum disulfide, can be utilized over a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures to improve productivity.

Premium super grease infinity lube technology fortified with HDI-2500 conditions, hardens, and lubricates metals as temperature increases. Built to last in the most extreme rugged environments where other greases fail including automotive, heavy equipment, marine & industrial applications. For light and heavy duty applications.

Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease NLGI # 2 Section 1. Identification GHS product identifier Other means of identification : Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease NLGI # 2 : Not available. Product number : 10301, 10305, 10316, 10330, 10335 Identified uses Not available. Supplier's details : Lucas Oil Products, Inc 302 North Sheridan Street

After finding market brands failed to provide sufficient protection in our highly demanding applications, developed its own grease specifically for equipment. Unique thickener and additive blends provide superior protection for the most severe environments on Earth. Grease is specially designed for Machines to greatly ...

Greaselift™. Greaselift features a unique technology that actually penetrates tough, baked on grease and lifts it away from the surface. It is a powerful degreaser, even though it does not require gloves or goggles to use. It is available in ready-to-use bottles or as a concentrate that can be dispensed into reusable spray bottles, which ...

Personal Precautions, Protective Equipment and Emergency Procedures: Wear appropriate protective clothing (see Section 8). Eliminate all sources of ignition and ventilate area. Methods and Materials for Containment/Cleanup: Contain and collect liquid with an inert absorbent and place in a container for disposal. Clean spill area thoroughly.

Lucas X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease was formulated for automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty and industrial applications. It is virtually waterproof and is more stable than all conventional lithium grease. It is fortified with an extreme pressure additive package and it exceeds OEM Lube for Life specifications.

The neutral pH dissolves and emulsifies grease, carbon, rust, oil, road tar, dirt, ink, adhesives and pigments. Rinses free leaving no residue. Cleans concrete floors and exhaust hoods. Use in steam or pressure washers, parts tanks or manual. Degreases floors, walls and equipment. HEAVY DUTY DEGREASERS - HEAVY DUTY CLEANERS: HD553

DuPont™ Heavy Equipment Grease with Teflon® fluoropolymer Revision: March 17, 2015 Page: 2/5 SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES Description of first aid measures Inhalation Move person to fresh air. If breathing is labored, administer oxygen. If symptoms develop, obtain medical attention. Skin Contact Wash affected skin with soap and water.

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